About Me

I suppose those reading would want to know more than just a name behind the content they are reading. For now, this is mostly a rehash of the first post on this blog.

I am a typical 20's male. Married, but unwilling to commit. Smart, energetic, talented; and burned in by corporate America. I've spent my life till now making the assumed societal choices. I pursued schooling with vigor, noting it had merit and value whereas sports did not. (Seeing some professional player salaries, perhaps I missed the mark on this one) I left high school for college early, a move spurred on by my desire to begin life. My summers were spent working for money. The jobs were chosen of course purely by how much it might pay. College was a disaster that did manage to only last 3.5 years. All said and done, society had birthed another upstanding citizen. No debt, young, fit, and eager to work. It had all the images of an American dream. I got lucky after all. I landed a job square in corporate America working in IT for a fledgling company. In exchange for 5 years of my life, they gave me money. It wasn't a fair trade. So I ended it.

Now I am pursing a life independent of being controlled by money, jobs, and corporations. My ideology was never to give up 30 or 40 years of my life in exchange for middle class mediocrity. Make no mistake, I am thankful for the opportunities I've been afforded. I have choice many others around the world never really get. This blog is part of my attempt to live out that choice in the "real" world for better or worse.