2013: Quarter 1 Results

Yes, I'm alive! More importantly I wanted to share some results. One of the best things about automated trading as that like yourself dear reader, I wasn't sure of how well the strategies have been performing this year; especially those that are not running on live accounts :-) So here's some pretty pictures for you.

The strategy 'b' and strategy 'rs' are both on live accounts. b is one of my oldest strategies; a simple solid performer. rs is something that was moved up at the beginning of the year after very promising results. It's slightly down for the year after a great start. It will be one to watch.
Strategy b
Strategy rs
These are some testing strategies still being run on demo accounts. In general they need various amounts of love before they could be considered ready for live -- some are potentially even unfinished ideas. That said, monitoring how they do is an important part of determining eligibility to move them to live. Hopefully we'll see some more ideas be added to this list as the year goes on.

This one might be turning around. Might just need some tweaks.
Strategy con

Hmm, not so good.
Strategy cor
 Up/down? Movement? I'll have to dig into the basically flat results here.
Strategy l

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