A summer away

So I've been away fro a bit -- on a long summer if you will. It started out as a summer trip in August I never returned from. I went to view the America of old and to find the great cities and the people that lived there. Driving through sleepy New York towns founded hundreds of years ago. In many ways the towns are unchanged from there humble beginnings. The main crossroad still contains only a stop sign, and the town square is still a hub of activity. In a land of rolling hills, why did the founders stop in this valley? Or on this hill? I can see no reason to stop, yet they stopped there and settled. I admire this desire to strike out on your own, to have potential to become great, despite the costs.

In the coming posts I'll try and reflect on my thoughts gained from this trip and the trading hiatus. It's strange how you find yourself back thinking about the same problems after such an absence. The only thing I find funny is that the "solutions" are still the same -- even if you wish they weren't.